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Excerpt from the rules of the Public Library in Piaseczno

Excerpt from the rules of using materials and services of the Public Library in Piaseczno and its branches

  1. Each reader can, at any given time, have borrowed in one branch of the library:
    – 6 books
    – 4 audiobooks,
    – 4 movies
    – 4 magazines
    – 2 board games
  1. The Library is enabling access to e-books in the Legimi service. Any reader with a library card can receive 1 Legimi code, which is valid for 1 month, after requesting it in person or via email from the Adult Department of the Main Library. Detailed provisions of using the Legimi service can be found in the “Rules of using the Legimi e-books collection” (“Regulaminie usługi dostępu do księgozbioru Legimi” – not available in English) available on the Library’s website.
  2. The total number of library materials borrowed from all branches of the Library cannot exceed:
    – 15 books
    – 8 audio-books
    – 8 movies
    – 8 magazines
    – 4 board games
  1. The Reader can borrow the library materials for the following periods of time:
    – 30 days – books, audiobooks
    – 14 days – movies, magazines, board games
  2. The Reader can be granted an extension to the aforementioned limits:
    – by 14 days – books, audiobooks
    – by 7 days – movies, magazines, board games
  1. Such extension may be granted up to two times in a row, as long as the Reader has met the criteria stipulated in Chapter V, points 8-11.
  2. The Librarian can approve the postponement of the return of the library materials unless the materials in question have been booked by another Reader.
  3. The Reader can apply for return date extension in person, via telephone, or via email, contacting the library branch from which each material has been borrowed, or as a self-service on-line via www.szukamksiazki.pl website (up to 2 times).
  4. The Librarian can limit the number of materials borrowed simultaneously by the Reader if the Reader does not return the materials in timely manner. The Reader’s account can be suspended at the Librarian’s discretion in case the Reader notoriously fails to return the borrowed materials in timely manner.
  5. The Reader cannot apply for the return date extension if the deadline has been already missed by 14 days or more.
  6. In justified extraordinary cases the Librarian may approve borrowing a greater number of materials than stipulated by the Rules.
  7. The Reader can book the library materials in person, via telephone, or via on-line catalogue available on www.szukamksiazki.pl website. The maximum number of materials that can be booked by each Reader simultaneously is:
    – 15 books, up to 6 per Library branch
    – 8 audiobooks, up to 4 per Library branch
    – 8 movies, up to 4 per Library branch
    – 8 magazines, up to 4 per Library branch
    – 4 board games, up to 2 per Library branch
  1. The Reader can use the online catalogue at szukamksiazki.pl to book the library materials. Each booking must be approved by the Librarian.
    1. The booking will be cancelled if the Reader exceeded the limit of booked materials, or if a given material has not been found in the Library.
    2. Once the booking is accepted, the Reader will receive a text message (SMS) or an email with an information about the status of the reservation.
      1. In case the material is available in the library, the Reader will receive a text message (SMS) or an email with information that the booked materials are ready to be collected (for a total of 5 working days, counting from the day of confirmation).
      2. If the booked material is unavailable, the booking will be accepted, and the Reader will receive a text message (SMS) or an email with the date from which the material can be collected (for a total of 5 working days, counting from the day of confirmation) as soon as the material is returned by the previous Reader.
        – In case the material is to be collected by the Reader from the Book-o-mat, the Reader will receive a text message (SMS) or an email with information that the booked materials are ready to be collected (for a total of 3 working days, counting from the day of confirmation).
  1. All booked materials should be collected by the Reader within 5 working days (3 days in case of a Book-o-mat), counting from the day of confirmation. Once the time stipulated above elapses, all booked materials which were not collected will be passed to the next Reader who booked them, or will be returned to the bookshelf.
  2. Detailed provisions of using the Book-o-mat are available in the “Book-o-mat rules” (“Regulamin korzystania z książkomatu” – not available in English) available on the Library’s website.
  3. Valuable materials available in the Library may be borrowed by the Reader if they pay the security deposit. The necessity to pay the security deposit, and the amount thereof, is decided by the Librarian.
  4. The Reader borrowing a board game receives a full set of game pieces, which are then counted when the game is being returned. Should any pieces be missing, the Reader will be informed without delay about this fact via telephone or email. The reader has 14 days (2 calendar weeks) to find the missing pieces. In case the missing pieces are not found, the provisions of chapter VI point 4. come into effect.
  5. The Reader is accountable for timely return of borrowed materials, and for timely collection of booked materials.
  6. In case the borrowed materials are returned after deadline and past the email reminders, the Library collects a late return fee from the Reader.
  7. The participants of all activities organized by the Library are obligated to follow the instructions of the employees of the Library and of the person hosting given activity.
  8. Children below the age of 7 years old cannot be left unsupervised in the Library by their legal guardians. The Library is not designed or legally allowed to provide care for children in any way, shape of form, including, but not limited to providing food and drinks, as well as to provide care in case a child suddenly becomes ill or feels unwell.
  9. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left by the Reader in the Library or inside of any returned materials.
  10. Complaints and proposals are handled by the Library Director during office hours.

Price-list of fees collected by the Library:

  1. Prices for one page of print, be it on one or on both sides of a page (xerocopy from a book, computer print-out and other materials):
    – A4, black and while – 0.20 PLN
    – A4, color – 0.40 PLN
    – A3, black and white – 1.00 PLN
    – A3, color – 3.00 PLN.
  2. Penalty fees for untimely return of materials:
    – for each book – 0.10 PLN per day
    – for each audiobook, movie, or board game – 0.50 PLN per day

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